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Report - Blue Circle Cement Works - Hope - 8/3/07



After having a reccy of the BLI quarry, I decided to have a look at the most well known quarry in the Peak, the Blue Circle Cement Works. The chimney there is a mmajor landmark, everyone knows it literally, as i can be seen from all over the place, if bot the actual chimney itself but the constant smoke it emits.

After a look around the outskirts of the main works part and getting into one conveyor, i decided to have a look up the hill at the actual quarry itself.
Id forgotten that the stone crusher was up there on the hill. Had a walk upto the huge hole that is ever expanding, a couple of landrovers passed me, i thought it was game over, but they just drove past. A few blokes were working in the bottom of the quarry, snook past them and got a couple of photos of the HUGE bulldozers and dump trucks.
On the way back it was time to have a look inside the crusher building and what i think is the grader, for sifting the smaller rocks onto the conveyor belt (flipping long, id say at least half a mile).
After a while i was bricking it a little bit so it was time to head off.
Put this in RU, as there is still loads and loads to see, and as it is at the moment the security measures are stupidly low, dont want that to change too quickly really.

Looking down onto the main works

The huge chimney


Inside a conveyor in the main works

These were massive


The hole

In the grading building



In the Crusher Room