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BMX Full Pipe Action


Grim up Norf
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This is an amazing video filmed in a reservoir outfall over in the US.
Makes me want to dust my bmx off and get to some UK ones...


Watch it to the end, the final gopro shot alone is awesome!!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Morgan Wade really is a beast! I BMX too, but omg that huge hand plant is nuts, not even too mention the full ride of the pipe!

Is it sad that I'm even more impressed with the concrete drain itself!


Grim up Norf
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I used to ride but its taken a bit of a back seat in the last few years. Still got the bike though so watch this space ;)

Its a shame Bas Keep wasnt riding in the vid more, saw him at the backyard jam years back and he was sending everything twice as high as anyone else, the guys mental!


Hasnt Ex'd many Urbs!!
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FTW!!! Although give me enough time I would have probably done that on my Raleigh Grifter in my day!!!!

Stumbled across this a few years back..... potential fatality me thinks......