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Report - - Boddingtons Brewery - 13/05/06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Boddingtons Brewery - 13/05/06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Paid a visit to the Boddingtons Brewery in Manchester along with Radioman, BenWRX and Spook. Access was interesting especially with it being in the middle of Manchester and a Police Helicopter nailing it around the area.
Once in the place was in pretty much mint condition albeit with everything stickered up for the autioneer's hammer. Covered quite a bit of the place, unfortunately I didn't see the limo that Snappel and Damon saw though :(
We did find the sampling room with beer in it! However it was locked up and we couldn't get in... Dispite the fact I was rather paranoid about getting busted, hence why Radioman has now named me "PIR Man", the trip went pretty smoothly and I had a good time.

Anyway, here is some pics...









Up on the roof






Re: Boddingtons Brewery - 13/05/06 - Report

following on from this thread....

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