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Lead or Rumour info - Bodens Ride House and Seven Pines


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Hi there,

I just wanted to let you guys know that Bodens Ride House and Seven Pines now have more security on site.

My boyfriend and I went to Bodens Ride House last Sunday to show our friend how stunning the house is but upon our arrival, we noticed a silver car parked by the entry point. As soon as we got closer to the house a security guy got out of the car and just stared at us for a while. We decided to leave because to be honest there was no point in trying.
I'm unsure if the house is accessible at night but if they have security on Sundays, they most likely dotted some cameras around but this is just my assumption.

With regards to Seven Pines.. that was stressful. On the same Sunday as Bodens Ride we went to Seven Pines, we got on the property without any issues, however, we, unfortunately, walked past residents upon our arrival to the estate who must have called security. We had around 30mins in the house before the security 'caught' us and to be honest as soon as we noticed him we started to leave because we didn't want to cause any trouble, we just wanted to take some photos. As soon as he came up to us he was extremely argumentative, he kept asking us why are we in the house and when we responded with 'we're just taking photos' (while pointing at a camera) he just shook his head and asked us the same question again and again. He kept talking over us, not listening at all, shouting, being aggressive, threatening, honestly just horrible. We literally just said to him, okay, we're not supposed to be here, fair enough, sorry, we'll leave now and then he'd ask but why are you here? :banghead In the end, we just decided to not bother even trying to reason with him and started walking away. He, of course, followed us and to be honest, it was lucky for us he did because at least we got to laugh at him for tripping over the fence.
When we left the property we just tried to leave the estate because we had other places to go to as a backup but the residents approached us and asked us why we were in the house, hoping they were reasonable people, we told them and that was our mistake. They all huddled around us all taking at once being just complete and utter tools. There was absolutely no reasoning with them so after a few minutes of trying we just walked away.

If you do, however, decide to go and visit Seven Pines before it's gone please be wary of a bald security guy with a thick European accent in maybe mid-forties. I'd suggest you just leave and don't even try to talk to him, he's a moron.

Also, it's crazy how much damage was done in the house in the last two months.

Just a heads up!

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Hi, went last Sun. Spent about 1hr and 30mins inside the house and on the grounds. Never saw any security but have been told by a friend that they do not go into the premises to check anymore, they just drive around the estate checking for cars that shouldn't be parked on the road.


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Yeah seven pines is on such a fancy road that it's got a camera that reads number plates when you drive in. Park further away. It's less obvious for one, and also if you get caught you have less chance of them getting your number plate and causing you further problems. It's good practice to do this for most explores tbh.


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Hi I’m new to posting but been exploring with my mum several times. Group of us Went to seven pines last night would definitely say park away from the private roads as cameras face down each entrance to the estate. Will be doing a upload later of the explore.