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Report - Bodens Ride House, March 2019


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Bodens Ride House

more photographs over on my Instagram.

As other reports have mentioned, there's not much history of this place online. Seems like it was a beloved family home that was left in a hurry. Although I found some information on another thread suggesting that the owner may still own the land but was involved in a massive fraud case so unsure whether he would have had the property taken off of him. You can read more about this here.

The Explore

This explore took up most of the day. Finding the place wasn't too hard and it's a lovely walk. Although it was evident when we got inside the house just how close we were to the golf club, separated by just a hedge, we could hear a myriad of voices which sounded like they were coming from just outside the property.

This place was something else. I believe it was built in the late 60s, early 70s; the decor definitely suggests it was a lavish 70s property. I lost count how many bedroom and bathroom there were. Although, I fell in love with the Master bedroom's en suite which has a pink sink and a blue marble effect bathtub (with the addition of a dead bird) and a sauna. On the other side of the bedroom was a generous walk-in-wardrobe.

There were also two huge safes - one still secured - to which I cannot imagine what would have been kept inside them. There were multiple sheets of paper outlining share holds and cheque books with some cheques made out for hundreds of thousands of pounds. I wonder why they weren't living in a bigger mansion somewhere with that kind of cash. But I guess you have to stay humble somehow lol.

In front of the property are a lovely little pond and a small boat. Needless to say that we had to have a turn on it. After spending about an hour taking photos and trying not to fall into the water, I spotted a greenhouse to the right of the property. The greenhouse was all smashed up, but the sheds were still packed full of equipment. We even found an old projector and some photographs of the family inside the house. It's rare that these things get left behind and I am grateful that other explorers don't take anything from these places.

Behind the greenhouse is another outhouse and two caravans - again, still packed full of belongings. This is where we found a cheque book with one cheque made out for £150,000.

It was a really great explore overall. It has definitely gone downhill from what I can see from other reports. But there's still enough there that you could spend hours pondering what type of people lived there.

All photographs were taken using a Sony a5100.

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