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Report - Boeing 747 - Kent - March 2011


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28DL Full Member
This was a bit of a failed visit, with a now non-member.
After a straight forward access, we had a good half an hour inside before we heard something going on outside - there were voices, and I could clearly see securitys van outside the plane.

At first, I thought they were moving on the family of people that were outside taking pictures when we climbed in.. Which they were.
What I didn't realise was, the Special Branch Terrorism Police had been called in.
All chances of possibly hiding were then gone when the now non-member decided it'd be a good idea to shout down to them thinking they were more explorers to help them up :banghead

I was towards the back of the plane when I heard all the shouting, so I made my way to the front to see what was going on, and sure enough, two Policemen were there, shouting up at us to get us down.

After climbing down they called off the dog squad and armed response who were still on the road.. Although I think this was a lie, surely if they were on the way they would have waited for them to arrive before pursuing us?

After being searched and having our details taken, they then told us we had an option; to delete all our pictures from the plane, or have our cameras taken. Now I know some of you will say that they're not allowed to do this, and I said to them myself. But it was either that, or my camera gets taken.

So here we are, nearly two months later and Wevsky pops up on FB chat linking me with SD card recovery software, and even after this long all my deleted pictures were back :D I wasn't even going to stick a report up, after recent reports my pictures don't even compare. But Wevsky insisted :thumb

Credits to Wevsky for helping me get all my pictures back. Thanks a lot mate, I owe you! :D








Cheers for viewing, Oli.


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