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Report - Bookbinding Factory, USA May 2019


grumpy sod
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Located little more than two blocks walk from my explorer friends house I was staying in for a time in the USA is this enigma of a time capsule of a factory. I think as far as they go this was one of the biggest surprise locations of the trip for me, as I knew it was good but never thought it'd be as good as it was.

Originally the premises was occupied by a company who manufactured transmission systems and driveshafts for all sorts of industries around the world including aerospace, defence, medical and more mundane things like commonplace lawnmowers and other agricultural machines. At some point they moved to a shiny new bigger premises on the other side of town and a bookbinding company took up home in their old space. As for the details of that operation I can find exactly sod all, other than the name of the former company there really isn't even a single crumb I can find out there, the sign on the outside wasn't even changed from it's previous occupancy. The only thing I know for sure is that the building dates to the 1930s and the Bookbinding company closed its doors suddenly in around 2014, from dates on calendars and diaries found in offices. It must have been a very abrupt closure as there are still books in the process of being assembled on one of the oldest and most impressive bits of machinery left inside.

It seems after closure there was a small effort to clean up and dismantle some things however it appears to have been quite random, some machines are in bits whilst others have been moved around but most are completely intact. The attached admin building has been thoroughly stripped out however, even the doors and door frames were removed for some reason. As of now there is a compromised area of roofing that is allowing water to pool on the wooden floors upstairs, and some of the office floors are already pretty far gone due to rot. Despite this the building is currently up for rent although I don't know if the letting agents know what the state of the place is currently!

After going in the hard way my friends had used the times they'd gone in previously, I managed to find a much easier way out and so a much easier way in for them in the future - I certainly wasn't planning on doing the entry procedure in reverse that's for sure especially as this day in question was rather wet.

Thanks for looking :)​


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Never seen a book-binders explore before. It's a bit of a minter plus there's some great machinery left there. Another great Stateside report Mook...you're spoiling us!


grumpy sod
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Very nice mate, you are spoiling us!
Alas I've only got a couple more things to post now :(

This place was definitely one of my favourites, it's frankly amazing it's survived as it has done where it is as it's not in the best, or safest, city in the world. Other than that tiny bit of graffiti visible in a couple of shots there is no damage at all.

I'm glad my shots came out OK as well, as a couple of hours before we went here my mother messaged me from the UK to inform me that my beloved, beautiful dog had had a stroke and was put to sleep earlier that day so my mind really wasn't in a good place - thankfully getting out and focusing my thoughts on documenting the location took my mind off things for a while.