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Report - Boredomiser, Derby - Sept 2010


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Boredomiser Culvert, Derby. Visited by Thompski & Woodburner

After much fun in Megatron with Ojay, Starbarwillow, Aem and Muttley I was in a culverty sort of mood, alas I was also bored out of my mind and it was a weekend....

"Thompski, Derby Culverts? Busy?"

"Get yourself down here dude"

So to Derby to enter your Boredom Alleviation Culverts, Ironically Boredomiser. :p

The culvert carries Markeaton Brook underneath Derby City centre for just over a mile before flowing into the River Derwent near the Cockpitt roundabout.

There had been some rain earlier but the flow didn't seem to be affected at all, mainly because 'Flo Selecta' intercepts heavy flow and diverts it even deeper under the city. Thompski tells me he's been in here after heavy rain before and the levels were still do-able.

Anyway, the infall:


Brick Arches FTW, this carried on for maybe 250m going around twisty bits.

Cones in your culverts, obligatory.

It started to get deeper here but not deep enough to flood wellies! :thumb

Corrugations! :eek:

This bit has been refurbished recently, lots of 'crete!

There were LOADS of fish in the deep bit, I even found some catfish stuck to the bottom of the culvert, i'm tempted to go back and do some urban culvert fishing! :D

Anyway, the water shallowed away and then the concrete arch changed to a twin brick box arrangement



These ran parallel for a while and joined back together after a right turn into a boring but impressive concrete box.

Just before the end of the culvert, we found this side-pipe which smelled of fresh

If Ojay had been with us, he'd be up there like a ferret down a rabbit-hole! :D

Alas we just had a quick nosey before deciding the smell wasn't great and due to lack of 4-gas chose to leave it alone.

Just after the 'fresh' junction, the concrete box split into two square section boxes which ran towards the outfall.

the ENDz!


Boredomiser is an unfair name for this place really, it was good to see and a worthwhile mooch if you are in the area. Not difficult to do either, they even provide you with ladders! :thumb



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