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Report - Bosnia -Remains from the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984 (Hotels and Bob track)


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1978 was Bosnia a part of the "Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia" and it was with great pride they could announce that Yugoslavia would be hosting the Winter Olympics in 1984, and that the games would take place in and around Sarajevo, the only Winter Games which took place in the old "Eastern Bloc".

Up in the hills around Sarajevo they built new Hotels for the Winter Olympics in 1984, including the luxurious Hotel Igman with 162 rooms and 123 apartments and 123 beds in an annex. They could offer swimming pool, disco, café, cocktail bar, open fireplace, TV room, bowling, sauna, gymnasium, duty free shop, currency exchange and a games room.

But, then it went wrong :( .... In 1992, Sarajevo, the new capital of the independent "Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina". Different ethnic groups could not agree, and over time did Bosnian-Serb forces cut of food and supplies to the town, and let off its electricity, and shelled the town with both artillery and snipers. Sarajevo's defenders managed to hold off the besiegers from the city center. 10.000 Sarajevo resident was killed during the nearly four year long siege. Hope we never have war in Europe again!

One of the many bases/barracks for Bosnian-Serb forces around Sarajevo was at Hotel Igman, which over time lost its former glory. In September 1995, the UN was in place instead, "MNB Tactical Headquarters, Hotel Igman". Today The Hotel Igman a total ruin and the land in the mountains around Sarajevo are suspected to be full of mines, and they do not know exactly where these mines are.

We continue to Bob courses from 1984 at another mountain. Here we can quickly see that it has have been no Bob-races in recent years, if anything at all since 1984? However, a little magic to walk in the empty concrete gutters, I got almost a sense of Swedish log chute.... Another use, Red Bull Hot Run 2008... :D

We end this little round around Sarajevo to go up to another mountain, where we run into yet another war-ravaged hotel that probably will not come to life again, even though it is in an area with several other, more functional, hotel. We note that the ski lift will not operate next winter...

We start with a little advertising for Swedish Vodka... :p


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