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Report - Botanic Gardens Station Glasgow - September 2013

Hector Rex

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28DL Full Member
Hi Everyone,

This is my first report on here, my first real exploration and my photos which are all taken with my iphone 4s so go easy on me.

I know this is a few months late, but there we go.

Whilst staying in Glasgow, en route to do some walking in the highlands a friend said he'd come across a few tunnels he'd like to explore. The first we came across had been thoroughly locked and sealed since his original recky a few weeks previously, the second we avoided due to the number of people outside whilst the third, leading to the Botanic Garden station was an option. After [removed]

The railway line and station were originally opened in 1896 by the Glasgow Central Railway; the line was open until 1964 whilst the station itself was close in 1939. The station building was used as a shop, tearoom and nightclub until it was destroyed by a fire in 1970 and never rebuilt, however the platforms and lower stairs remain, and that was what we explored.


Steel sheet at the tunnel entrance.



Botanic Garden Station


Ventilation shafts, with newer steel supports to stop collapse


Found a conveniently placed ladder from a previous explorer or graffiti artist, we left it in the tunnel of course.

And that's it,

My first report. Once again, apologies for the poor picture quality...