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Report - Boughton Water Tower, Chester - May 2012


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For several months now, the gorgeous looking victorian brick water tower within the Chester Water Co.'s large treatment plant in Boughton has sat scaffolded up whilst under various repairs, looking like a giant game of kerplunk. With bigger and better things keeping us busy currently, it was put on the back burner for a while, to be tackled on a more suitable night.


It's not the highest or most exciting structure on the planet, but given that it sits in the middle of a very much live water treatment works, and has only one access directly in line of sight of a handful of cameras and the like it was quite a fun climb :thumb

This was one of those sites where the risk of getting caught seems massive compared to the payoff. But knowing full well that I would only be whining if I missed the opportunity to get up there myself and theflu24 HTFU and cracked on. (after getting a really nasty eyeful of old man bollocks on the way in)

Apologies for semi shod pictures. Lighting conditions where a bit naff for a derpy bridge camera :p:

Some of the gubbins looking down onto the treatment works...



Looking back into town down the canal...


How do I a trains ? ...


I require a pull...

Cheers for looking,

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