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Report - Bourton Mill June 2016


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Hello, Okay, so this is my first attempt at a report on this site so some constructive feedback would be great.

After hearing many a mention of Bourton Mill, I thought why not go and pay a visit, as a photographer, all of my urbex trips include the extensive use of my camera so here goes. The photos within this report are from two separate trips, one to go and get a feel for the place in daylight and one to see what I could create with a bit of steel wool.

Upon entering the site, I was encountered with many a boggy bath and overgrown bushes which lets just say are a bit of a pain but soon i came to see the full scale of the site and from what I had heard I didn't expect it top be quite as expansive as it was. I came into the hall area shown above and below which has changed since many other reports I have found, much of the roof has now broken in to small shards and lays on the floor so I was careful to watch my footing.

I continued to explore the site finding much of the machinery that was discussed in other reports but also feeling intrigue as to how many things changed between other peoples reports but also how small objects such as a small gas bottle which was ever so delicately placed and rusted moved in the space of two days, clearly many people visit here and from the shear amount of graffiti, not always for as non-disturbing trips that I was on. The site as a whole is very intriguing with multiple different interesting aspects

Picture Heavy

The Steel Wool



Thank you for reading and I hope you have found my report interesting in some way.

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