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Report - Bow ROC Post - Devonshire - Nov 10


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Post is sealed and flooded

Opened 1963 closed 1968 then reopened and closed Sept 1991

This post is well hidden to say the least, I failed on two occasions to find it but turned out to be third time lucky!

As mentioned on mrjonseybop's report and on subrits site it is hidden in hedge which made it so difficult to locate. When subrit visited in 2000 it was reported as open and flooded.

The hatch is unlocked but is jammed somehow and will not open, probably the mechanism has rusted. Although the hedge is lying on it this is not preventing it from opening.

I did have a flash of inspiration and managed to open the hatch enough to drop a stone down the gap... hoping to hear it hit the concrete at the bottom.... no such luck as I heard in hit the water inside meaning it is still flooded :( it could be a few inches or a few feet who know's!!

Anyhow here are the pic's (sorry if a bit crappy taken on mobile)




Air vent hiding in the undergrowth


FSM pipe clearly visible now the undergrowth has died back


I returned a few weeks later, managed to open the hatch enough to get my camera in, not a good sign seeing the water :(
Obviously has been alot higher before judging by the water marks on the walls.


Such a shame it is flooded, due to its loaction and being difficult to locate this post would have probably been in excellent condition.
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