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Report - Bowling House (aka T&D Industries office building) - Bradford, England - June 2020

(aka T&D Industries office building)
- Bradford, England
- June 2020


T&D (Tanks and Drums) Industries PLC was founded in 1905, and the company's line of business included the manufacturing of metal shipping barrels, drums, kegs, pails, wheelie bins, plastic packaging as well as plastic components for both the automotive industry and the petrochemical industry.
T&D's Bradford office building was renovated from a former Victorian villa dating back to the 1830s. The main bowed window was used as the boardroom of Tanks and Drums in the 1970s. Old Mr Thornton and his son Michael Thornton, the Chairman and Managing Director, had offices on the upper floor, the accounts department was located downstairs, and to the left of the gateway was the sales office. It was commonly agreed amongst employees that the building was haunted. Behind the offices was the company's yard known as 'Bowling Iron Works'.
Over the years, T&D Industries built up strong ties with customers and suppliers by delivering great products and services, and by the late 90s, the firm had a total of 1,200 people employed at five specialist sites across the UK, with 350 employees at their Bradford branch.
However in November 1999, administrators were called in after the £90 million turnover firm ran up massive debts. The firms different specialist divisions, including T&D Plastech in Rotherham, T&D Automotive in Luton and T&D Bison (also located in Bradford) were all sold off. Bowling House has been empty for over a decade and is severely dilapidated.

A quick stop off as I was in town. There's not a massive amount left to see inside the old Tanks and Drums office building, unless you're into pigeon shit and rotting floorboards. It was clearly once a beautiful Victorian building, and yet another that has been left decaying and unused year after year. Its very dangerous on the upper levels, so if you do go check it out, bare that in mind and be extremely careful











Thanks for looking.

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