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Report - Box Factory Drain, Manchester - May 2013

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Box Factory Drain, Manchester
Explored with ViralEye

As is becoming a bit of a regularity after looking at maps fo find places to explore a quick google told us we'd not found anything new. A message to Ojay confirmed it was Box Factory drain, first explored by Mendoza and Bungle.

This isn't the most exciting drain in the world, a two bore concrete box carrying the River Irk under a factory, bus station and shopping centre with only a few side pipe features along the left bore (starting at the outfall). I had a quick look up one of the pipes that was a tiny RCP that looked like it never ended so didn't fancy the crawl to see the other end. Further along was a larger RCP that ViralEye was about to shoot up for a look but stopped so we could get a photo before getting footprints all up the concrete when the loudest bang ever came crashing down the pipe. It certainly made me jump (read that as shit my pants!) and the obvious presence of automation meant I was going nowhere near it just in case :)

Making it up to the infall the air was getting a little bad with a distinct smell to it we emerged back into the open on the fringes of a gas works. A quick shine of the torch upstream and a look on google maps showed no more culvertage so we grabbed a few shots of the infall and headed back downstream through the other side to the sound of the CSO machinery clanging away that had previously given us a fright.

This side of the drain opened up into the best feature so far, the roof high above us in the great hall. Through this its back to regular concrete box and a leisurly evening stroll back down to the outfall.

















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