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Report - Box Freestone mine - Wiltshire - Dec 2015


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Just a quick one, not going to write an essay on this one as it's been done a hundred times and i really need to go do some christmas shopping! visited with OT Riddler and Monk before heading to certain social event around the corner. was a banging day and night, i've wanted to see box for ages and from what i gather we took in the majority of the cool bits and bobs down there, the robots, some cranes, the door and of course cathedral. Was nice going down with OT as he knew a lot about the workings of the mine and would point out cool things that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, crane anchor points and erosion in certain places caused by the ropes hauling the stone around corners and stuff like that, didn't stop us having a bit of fun trying to find BD on the way out mind :P definitely all part of the fun though and from what i hear you can't have a trip to box and without straying off target a little bit :D

Just a little something History wise courtesy of http://www.subterraneanhistory.co.uk/

This mine has been worked over centuries (probably back to Roman times) and extends many miles. It is located in the village of Box, near Bath. It was used to extract limestone which was used to build many of the buildings in the local area and had military uses during WW2. Box is now a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, on account of the number of bat species which reside in the mine. There are many famous sites to see within Box Mine including the Cathedral (an open shaft to the surface) and the robots (a large number of bricks which people have taken to making into robots and other things).










have a great christmas kids :D

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Have always liked the look of this place, must head South at some point. Great pics :thumb

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Yeah was a good trip mate. You can almost be certain of getting temporarily lost in the North West at some point.


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Last two shots, really liking those :thumb

Lot's of brickheads about isn't there lol ;)

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