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Report - Box Freestone, Wiltshire - June 2009


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Box Freestone mine is made up of 90km of passages, and has been worked as far back as the roman times. Stone output peaked in the 19th century and stopped altogether in 1968. The mine comprises northern, central and southern sections with a military installation to the East.

Visited with urban junky and lew to start off with. After seeing enough pics on the net, we knew we had to drive up to Box and go check it out.
1st stop was to the Quarrymans arms to drink some proper cider, borrow a key and buy some maps. Then more cider, sleep and eventually some mines.


Plan was to navigate from backdoor to the cathedral and then return to backdoor, and maybe try another route after that.

Cathedral. It is a truly awesome space from wherever you are standing inside.


Cathedral Entrance



After taking too many photos of the cathedral, while the others go to have a look at a room nearby, OT, tommo, shadow, maniac and larey appear almost out of nowhere! Great to meet everyone, then crack on with the exploring!

After seeing the cathedral, we had a great explore of the old workings, cranes, the robot rooms, the military bits climbing over and under some crazy falls along the way.

Crab winch



A spot of television



One of the many cranes


Steps to the ladder o doom


Remnants of the mine



Short video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCOiI1eGIn0&feature=channel_page

Thanks to everyone involved and great to meet everyone, was a top day out! Thanks OT and t o m m o for the tour and for navigating the whole time, wouldn't of seen a lot if we hadnt bumped into you lot!

Cheers :thumb

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Again, great pics and a great day out. You wouldn't know it, but it was tommos first time down there. He's gonna own the place at this rate.


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28DL Full Member
Haha spotted Tommo a mile off in that vid - do you wear the same clothes underground all the time?

Sorry mate - it was the yellow kit bag that gave you away :D

Navigation Supremo you are fella


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hey i have only just found your thread tucker, dont know how i missed it
top pic buddy, the second one is really cool

it was a good day out and a nice little explore, like u said it was my first time in box but luckly i am reasonably good with directions and knowing where i am. saying that untill i get lost one day lol, u wait till i get further into box and it gets a bit hairy, at the end of the day u only learn from your mistakes

video is cool, i might try and make one next time!! if i can get the camera out the bedroom!! lol

Haha spotted Tommo a mile off in that vid - do you wear the same clothes underground all the time?

Sorry mate - it was the yellow kit bag that gave you away :D

Navigation Supremo you are fella
yeah i got same stuff for underground exploring, but saying that the t-shirt is a little bit shot after the crawl throught the small hole in the metal fence lol

got a new one now to destroy at some point.:crazy

bobob let us now next time u down again, would be nice to catch up
maybe a little explore and a pint, i owe root one for getting them in last week :thumb


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Funny you say that Tommo, we may see you rather sooner than you think! PM sent :D
not the end of the month is it lol, every one is out that day :thumb

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