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Report - Box Hill Brickworks


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The Box Hill brickworks was established around 1880 as the Haughton Park Brick Company Ltd.,
at the corner of Elgar and Canterbury Roads, Box Hill. Later in 1886 the company changed its
name to the Box Hill Brick Co Ltd.
In 1891 the company failed to pay a dividend which lead to production being suspended in 1892.
The Box Hill Brick Co. changed ownership in 1905, tho’ production did not begin until 1911, in the
six years the building sat vacant the quarry had become known as the ‘Surrey Dive’
a swimming hole for local kids.

In 1913 production had picked up, the name was changed to the Standard Brick & Tile Co. Ltd,
an 18 chamber Hoffman Patent kiln was built, four more brickpress’were installed and 40 more workers were employed.
The brickworks were taken over by the Co-operative Brick Company in 1938,
The Co-op Brick Co. shut down production during the war years between 1942 -1946.
In 1952 the works was converted to electricity, and later taken over in 1966 by the Brick & Pipe Co.
who ran the brickworks until August 1988, when the plant was shut down for good.

The Hoffman kiln along with the factory building containing the brickpress’
Still remain at the site, tho the kiln is completely inaccessible due to every possible
entry point being tinned over with the tin cemented and bolted in place,
so I was unable to get any photos of the kiln.

This was my 2nd visit to the brickworks, the first visit was short as we were chased out by
security, I didn’t get too many photos the entire place was completely covered with graffiti,
there was basically no wall or piece of machinery untouched, so that was the only downside to my visit.

Anyway some photos, enjoy.


Not sure what this would have been, looks to be some kind of filtering machine.


ROWCO switch.


Nature reclaims.




Upstairs was basically just steel bridgeways.


This walkway basically ran the length of the building.


Walls & Mirrors.


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