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Report - - Box Mine, February 2009 | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Box Mine, February 2009

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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Visited with Turkey, Squirrell 911 and Skydiver.

Spent all day down here, first unaided navigation and didn't get lost once, which was nice.

The cathedral, badly taken...


Turk in the military section...


We stopped at the robot room for lunch. Two massive cheeseburgers, baked beans and scrambled eggs, and a mug of tea each.

Robot hobos around the fire...


Evil santa...


The robot room !...


Finally, a bit of a rest watching the box in Box...



Memento vivere
28DL Full Member
A really amazing day down here, some of the falls along the way were really daunting - 4 foot thick slabs just dropped from the ceiling... I did a good job of not thinking about the consequence of being in the close vicinity of a fall like that - most of the time. Next time I'll have to make time to photograph some of them, this trip we were more concerned with scrambling over them with photographic equipment intact.

So, first stop was of course the cathedral, which never looks as big as it really is in pictures, till you get a person in for comparison.


Round a corner we got to a very 'interesting' looking flight of stairs - with a ladder at the top that apparently leads to the surface


I didn't climb the ladder, Squirrel climbed some and that convinced me it would be a really bad idea! Climbing up the stairs however was the easy part, I did a much worse job of not imagining the outcome should I slip and fall as I climbed down, shaking legs didn't help with the descent.


Awww look it's a doggy!


And a bunny


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