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Report - Box mines first report


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28DL Full Member
First time doing a report, after reading up a bout box mines though a number of different sites mostly 28DL me and a fellow explorer decided to have a look for are selfs!

On entering the little village of box we thought where best to start but the local shop! Don’t bother with the one stop the gentleman who owns the little village shop is very friendly and welcoming! Once entering we brought a few bits to snack on whilst looking for the mines along with a few drink just in case! We asked about any know entrances to which he explained all the main once had been blocked of but best to ask the pub at the top of the hill called the The Quarryman's Arms.

Heading up to the pub we decided to park up near by and walk the rest of the way as we entered was stared at by all the locals, asking about the mine wasn’t as simple as we hoped and was told we had no chance in hell as they had been all closed off, all that there was to see was the closed off entrance! Boy being boy though why not go have a look surely can’t be that hard to get in!

Walking part way down the hill we came off the road and to are surprise found and opening we could climb though spending an hour and a half with out a map or markings we decided to leave it for the day and come back more equipped!

On our return not sure if the the entrance we had used would be accessible any more, we came back ready to take on the caves to are amazement they are much big then we originally thought! Only covering a small section of the map and not finding the magical red mod door! Below are a few pictures taken by my self! Hope you enjoyed!









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28DL Full Member
You did well to not get lost, supposed to be about 60 miles of tunnels in there! The owners Hanson have declared no further access but its such a big place it will be hard to make it completely inaccessible.

Daniel Hale

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28DL Full Member
Hi just wondering where abouts do u get in have been down there twice now and canot find a entrance we have been all round by the tennis court and still cants find a way in if anyone can help

Bikin Glynn

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28DL Full Member
Good work, I too have been in but didnt manage to see cathedral so am itching to get back.
The old Back door was not easy to get through itself so I wonder if where u entered is possibly easier, was there much climbing where u went in?


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28DL Member
Anyone who knows their way around planning to visit Box Freestone anytime soon? Mind having one extra join? Had a wonder around above ground today but going below solo not knowing the place wouldn't be smart so left it at that.

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