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Lead or Rumour info - Bradford area


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi I am looking for some leads in or around Bradford, never done any urban exploration but very interested to start! Would appreciate some advice, leads or anyone up to join in with me?


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Welcome aboard. :thumb

Start by having a read of the FAQ section.

Take a general look around the forum to get an idea of what the various sections are for (for example, this section is not used for introductions, or for asking for leads in the way you have used it)

Then stick a proper introduction up in the New Members Introductions section. Who are you? What are you areas of interest? What Have you done before? What would you like to do? - that sort of stuff.

As for leads? - give the searchbox a go.

It'll all work better than just pitching up unannounced and asking to be fed the info mate. :thumb