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Report - Bradford Beck Bypass - October 2010


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Hi All, its been a while since I reported anything, mainly because i've been away on hols. :)

Anyway, the story goes like this....

I had been to bypass previously a few weeks ago, but due to it being a lastminute.com job and having a pretty big group of folks I didn't take a huge amount of shots, i'm pretty happy with this one from the first trip though. :)


Enough waffle! This time those present were myself (WB), Ojay and Gone.

I had been watching the weather forecast all day and knew there was heavy rain forecast for later in the evening, plus it had been raining all day on-and-off so wasn't sure what state the levels would be in once we got there.

So I arrived in Braaaaapford with all my gear, there was a bit of rain in the air but nothing serious so I met up with Ojay & Gone at the pre-arranged parking spot, geared up and wandered to our way in...

Last time I visited here, I nearly ended up in the drink before the splore had even begun, drain0r gymnastics saved me that time but on this visit the stream below was a fair bit deeper and smelling distinctly of 'Fresh'. It was obvious that a CSO upstream of Macro was discharging minced up fanny plasters & poop into the river. Lovely.

I was determined not to repeat the last visits antics getting down to our access point, unfortunately I ended up getting covered in all manner of poopy goodness from the river bank before we had even got near the river. LOL! bugger it, not the first time and won't be the last.

Once down into the open section of Macro near the outfall of Bypass we made our way downstream. We noticed the river was full of bits of bogroll and all kinds of sanitary goodies, however once we reached the junction to Bypass, we were greeted with a slow steady trickle of clear poop-roll-and-fanny-plaster-free water. :thumb


The first feature I was determined to capture was the MASSIVE inspection chamber only a 100yds or so from the outfall...
Unfortunately my camera has a fixed lens, these places make me realise I need a MUCH wider angle lens to really capture the big stuff!


Looking up the tunnel, this goes dead straight for over a mile under Bradford.


There are a few smaller inspection chambers along the way, which are at least 6 storeys tall, but nothing like as huge as the previous chamber...

After what seems like ages of walking through concrete pipe, the channel starts to narrow...

Looking back down the pipe.


...and then you are greeted with this cool waterslide...


At the top of the slide there is a pretty huge chamber with the infall from Macro to the right..


With two grilles, I guess to prevent shopping trolleys infiltrating ur drainz!


With time short, we decided to leave the upstream of Macro for another day, and took the left tunnel which leads upto Pandora's arsehole and imfamous slot!


Eventually passing the 'slot' we came to this strange open grilled section where we could hear people talking. They couldn't hear or see us though. Stealth drain0rs that we are. :D

This, i'm lead to believe is West brook, although I'm pretty sure it was more shite than brook TBH. :)


Anywho, sorry I didn't get more piccies. This trip highlighted the fact that my camera is limiting me in terms of capturing explores.

I'm sure Ojay & Gone will upload some better shots. :)

Thanks for looking. :thumb


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