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Report - Bradford & Bingley Headquarters, Bingley, August 2011


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The abandoned Bradford and Bingley Headquarters looms over the small town of Bingley (obviously) situated near Bradford. After being left several years ago it is awaiting regeneration to become a new Sainsbury's supermarket. The building was erected in the 70's and is consdired an eyesore by most local residents; however the sheer size of the building alone makes it an irresistible explore.

An external shot from the back of the building, taken from Myrtle Park after our somewhat hasty exit.


Empty office space occupied most of the normal floors, so we made our way up the collosal set of stairs to the roof.


Shot from the top of the ladder that leads to the roof and elevator maintannace hatch.


Equipment at the top of the lift, with an accesible shaft for those daring enough for some elevator exploring.


Vents on the roof; however with a police station just a couple of hundered meters away going to the edge of the building wasn't an option.


Huge staircase covering all seven floors, quite something when admired from the top or bottom.

Altogteher a great explore for novices such as myself and Glenmation, my partner. Definatley worth checking out if you're in the Bradford or Leeds area.


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