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Report - Bradford (some recent visits) 2012


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Bit of a mish mash of recent visits to Bradford done this year from January to April. I know these site have been covered before thats why i have put a selection in as they probably dont merit a full report on their own first off Stephensons mill drysalters and in later years they made a chemical for carpets which was anti static and shipped all over the world.

Stephensons mill in the background from Crabtrees


This room was full of paperwork though a bit trashed since i first visited here a few years ago.


Some nice examples from the 1950s still surviving.



Onto Crabtrees various firms have used this fairly large mill over the years most of it is now empty part of it is still in use though.



One good thing about Bradfords mills is you often get good views from the windows this one looking across to Stephensons.



This is Galem house sadly a trashed and rotting mill typical of Bradford its been left to decay formerly a wool warehouse dating from the late 1800s originally called Trident Mills, i believe the council wants to demolish it though it appears that has been put on hold. A 29 year old man died in here in 2007 from a drug overdose.


This is what greets you as you first enter burnt out and stripped.


The floors are pretty bad in here i didnt hang around for long and trod very carefully.


Again this view gives you an idea of how hilly Bradford is i also love the stone work.


Final selection is of the Yorkshire Building Society High Point or Yorkshire house as it used to be known not really industrial this but i had to put it in as the views or the best you will get in Bradford and i,m not sure if there has been a report on it in the daytime.


ground floor and reception area.


Great views over Bradford i would have stayed up here much longer though there was strong evidence of squatting on the top floor so didnt stay too long still it must be nice waking up to a view like this every morning.


Thats it thanks for looking.

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