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Report - Bradley Green Culvert silsden Aug 2013


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I'm not sure of the age of this culvert but it underwent a massive rebuild in 2004 .People in Silsden backed a last-ditch attempt to solve the problem of the dangerous culvert under a former tip in the town.The council said there was no money to repair the dilapidated culvert and was concerned about land fill taxes as the drain is under a land fill site - estimates ranged around the £600000 mark to make the culvert safe. a road ran across the drain and it was fenced off after fear of collapse.

Video evidence produced in 1999 showed the culvert to be in a bad state of repair and in danger of collapse.
A Doncaster-based company made an offer to the council to dig out the former tip for free to reclaim the ash buried there.
That saved council tax payers more than half-a-million pounds as they would be forced to foot the bill for dumping any material dug out to get to the damaged culvert.

The culvert now has two very distinct sections - the origional old style stone work and the 8ft diameter plastic pipes. The beck emerges at diffrent points to daylight and its prudent to avoid these sections as they run through peoples gardens. The lower section runs under the town centre carpark,main roads and houses and is in its origional state - if you dont like crawling and spiders avoid this section but you'll be missing a treat. It has been covered before on other sites and christained mutton chop drain by other explorers but dont think it is anywhere on 28dl




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