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Report - Braintree Campus (Colchester Institute), Braintree - Jan 2020


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Braintree College of Further Education (Braintree Campus)

Have struggled to find particularly much about this place online. It was originally an independently controlled institution, but became part of the Colchester Institute after merging in February 2010. Part of the site is still live as the Braintree Campus. The bulk of the campus only closed in the second half of last year so all is still pretty fresh inside. Access was beyond easy but I have reason to believe that this has now changed and it's been locked up. That being said, there are always ways in and no doubt people just haven't been looking hard enough!

Got the full guided tour from @mockney reject who was actually a student himself here. He could have turned out worse so must be alright as far as colleges go.

We didn't get around the whole place before darkness struck, and a few bits seemed to be still sealed and alarmed. Give it time - you know how it is.

A couple of externals:

Going indoors:

Sixth form common room:

Canteen and admin areas:


Few trinkets/bits and bobs:



Motor mechanics:


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Getting in really early sure pays off. Everything still in place and the floors still shine. Nicely captured:thumb