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Report - Bramham Orphanage. August 2016


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Had a look at this place while in the area last August. Pretty much a wreck now. No roof, no floors in parts, collapsed sections and shit graff. The cellar is a dingy horrible place. I decided to experiment with some torch placements while down there, and as I was messing around with the torch I thought I seen a shadow in the corner of one of the rooms. Now, I ran the torch over that area again and established that it was indeed the torch light that had caused the shadow but, the damage had been done and a hasty almost frantic withdrawal was conducted. You have got to love solo visits :D

The Vicar of Bramham, the Rev. Robert Bownas, built Bramham House in 1806. In 1814 it was sold and the new owner gave the house to his son as a wedding present, in 1856 it was again sold to clear up large debts. For the next 70 years it had numerous owners.
In 1947 West Riding County Council Children's Department purchased the building and it was to become a family group home to accommodate neglected and homeless children, children from broken homes and experiencing 'family problems and educational problems' and those who had failed to respond to treatment for non school attendance within the community. At its height it was home to 37 children of both sexes. The home closed in the early 1980’s and the children moved to another home in Wetherby that has since closed.











Thanks For Looking :thumb

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