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Report - Bramley-Moore Pumphouse (Liverpool, Sept, 2017)


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One of the few remaining hydraulic towers in the Mersey docks, the others I am aware of being Langton, Stanley, Wapping and the huge one in Birkenhead. Built in 1883 (https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1072981) it sits on a triangular plot with a smaller structure next to the main tower, on top of what was presumably the main engine house. Situated in a working sand storage facility (Mersey Sands/Cemex, but land probably owned by Peel) it is 'not accessible to the public'.

Dropped by on the way back from work to find that the Cemex guy was knocking off early as well (probably to the gym by the look of him) so lurked for a while then went in for a look. There are a couple of security cameras.

Circled the ground floor, but no obvious way into the tower with all entrances bricked up.

Looking through a window, part of the ground floor contains a substation.

However internal entrance to tower also bricked up.

So headed up the outside stairs…

..to the roof garden. Whole little microenvironment up here and rather a nice spot, hidden from the surroundings. Views of the main tower:

Sniffed the flowers etc. then over to the other building.

Not a lot to see in here but some nice views, west across the Mersey and south, renovation of the Stanley Dock tobacco warehouses still in progress.

And that's it. Disappointed not to have got into the main tower, but it seems to be all bricked up, and judging by the noise and the smell, home to many pigeons.
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