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Report - - Brandesburton ROC Post – Yorkshire Group 25.07.07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Brandesburton ROC Post – Yorkshire Group 25.07.07

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Visited last night with Swis with the intention of confirming the state of the post and checking out the nearby airfield.
Both of which were disappointing to be fair.
The Post stands in the middle of a field in clear view. As reported by Sub Brit eight years ago, the earth had been removed around the post, leaving the structures totally exposed.
I didn’t bother taking my camera out of the car, so I’m sure Swis will post up a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure.
It was sealed with three separate locks. Either side had the matching large locks with rubberized cases; the other main top locked was a round one which looked a little newer but maybe it had just weathered well.
Comedy bed posts were also still laying on the top, which were there in Nick Catford’s pic from 1999.

Anyway, the only original remains of the Airfield, that the ROC post stands next to are the runways.
The rest of it has chicken sheds on it and is also some sort of storage ground for Portakabins.
We were tempted to create a Portakabin graveyard post for the fun of it, but then decided that we come probably do something more constructive with our time.
So we reset the tomtom and headed off to give Burton Pidsea ROC post another go.


Re: Brandesburton ROC Post – East Yorks 25.07.07

Here are the pictures of the Brandesburton ROC post.

Totally unthrilling.




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