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Report - Brandon (Coventry) Stadium - late Feb 2018

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Few of us found our selves at Brandon stadium the other weekend, was a nice random stop off, DSLR was dead so its a mix of phone/gopro photos so i am sorry for that i no the Qual isnt going to be the best but as it was recently in the news again, secruity have reboarded everything and someone is trying to buy the grounds there may not be many explores if any left from it. the damage from the travellers is quite bad, concrete smashed up for cables, everything ransacked, few old caravans on site still with some horny porno! vhs too. Hopefully a deal can be done to save it, as a local id hate to see it completely demolished, was hard enough seeing it in the state it is now. anyway ill post some information on the arena below and on the next report get some better photos up.

Brandon Stadium also known as Coventry stadium was a speedway track just outside of Coventry that held its first speedway meeting on the 29th September 1928. Since then it has been home to the Coventry Bees speedway team, the Brisca F1 Stock car racing since 1954 and the Greyhound racing since 1978. Midlands sports stadium owned the arena until 2003 when it was sold to Avtar Sandu. Although the capacity is around 5000 its record was around 25,000 during the world speedway events. The shale speedway track, which is inside the dog track is 301 metres (329 yards) in length while the greyhound track is 409 metres (447 yards) in length. The stadium has held many events and championships over the years including but not limited to - Speedway world finals:1993/2000 (Last ever world team cup) under 21 world championships: 1991 Speedway Grand prix: 1998/1999/2000 After Boxing Day 2009 the company went into liquidation and closed. Just three years later the well-known professional gambler and owner Harry Findlay re-opened Coventry until 2014 when it shut once again. Independent racing (unaffiliated to a governing body) then took place until January 2016.

Red State Connection

Red State
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Also forgot to mention as we were finishing up and getting ready to leave 2 gentlemen of the traveller variety came in and was looking around, one had a sledge hammer of sorts and as we left you could here them breaking something up, are guess was getting the metal around the track etc, they didnt say much to us guessing they just wanted us gone to start what they were doing but again something to be mindful of if anyone decides to go, although the recent news report and the so called secruity putting more effort in they might not go back for a while but yea even in feb 2018 some are still going there (more for tat than setting up camp)

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