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Report - Branston Machine Gun Factory 01/17


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Decent sunday explore, met some other fellow explorers in there who were just aiming to see the clock, but i'm not one for digging through loads of bird dung for that business! Explored with a none 28dl member.

some info (Taken from burton-on-trent website):
During World War One, as a part of the National Factories Scheme, HM Government commissioned the Enfield Small Arms Factory to design a National Machine Gun Factory to be built on 150 acres of open fields along the North side of Burton Road in Branston. Amongst the reasons Branston was chosen was that it was out of reach of enemy aircraft. The site was being used at the time by the Burton Golf Club who moved to Bretby and also as Woodwards Farm.

The Factory was built by local builder Thomas Lowe & Sons and was started in 1917 but not fully finished before the First World War ended in November 1918. Gun making machinery, much from the USA, was installed on the site but it was never used to produce machine guns although it was used to recondition about 1000 of them. The distinctive long brick wall fronting onto Burton Road was built by German prisoners of war who were housed in local brewery maltings buildings.

A large three storey office block was built near to the site entrance which featured a four faced clock on the top of it. The clock required winding regularly and although it is still in working order today the practice has fell into dis-use. Only one of the four large warehouses which were originally planned was constructed and had north facing roof windows to give an even light throughout the day.

The site had an internal railway system connected to the nearby Birmingham and Derby Junction railway. It also had a fire station situated on the left side of the main entrance which was demolished in 1995/6. The site also had a joinery, c6 air raid shelters, a pump house, a vehicle workshop and many other buildings totalling 118 in all. There was a rifle range running parallel to the Birmingham and Derby Junction railway line at the rear of the site which had a large brick wall and embankment at the target end of it (the range was closed in 1965).

Only one building is accessible unfortunately .



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Got a few more, wasnt really too much to see. was small rooms, loads of bird shit and emptiness
Well I dunno, I quite liked it. It had the sort of photog/light combo every urbex scrotilizer likes - all you would really need to do is roll it up with a little scantily clad model and yer sorted.

And the fooking Strowger Exchange - man alive this is a rare as rocking-horse shit. Should be in a museum. If it had a hole the right size I, for one, would have my dick in it.


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Overall, that's a pretty decent report and pics :thumb However, the switch gear......don't think I'd put my bit in it!?! :confused: