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Report - Brantham Industrial estate June, 2012

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Brantham industrial estate - Home to the British Xylonite company.

Originally built circa 1887 on the banks of the river stour.

Tedious link....British Xylonite/Bakelite Xylonite Limited made a base for Ilford camera films.....

British Xylonite company also purchased a compamy called cascelloid in 1931 and Palitoy was was the trademark created in 1935 for the Toy division later buying up Chad valley.

So....... they were pretty big players.

This was my first explore, so was unsure of what to expect.

I am guessing this is a very easy site, the fencing is poor and no security, a few cameras on nearby buildings though. Now the easy access does make our job easy but there is a mega downside....It also allows the hoards of F*%k wits on site to trash and burn the place. Some of the Graf is rather good, but most of it just ruins the vibe of the place.

Anyway before you all go to sleep of boredom....here are my set of pictures.....enjoy!


Look Closer...


Some kind of boiler I think.....I am guessing steam was used to power ...something?

Shame the vandels have attacked everything

Saves cleaning them....

looking in a poor ol state

At least we get some nice colours..

Thanks and enjoy!
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