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Report - Brap(ford) city centre crane - Sept 09


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(I apologise in advance for the long winded post :D)

The scene was set for my first crane thanks to Squirrel and Dempsey - The heart of brapford, an open air concert and a crane 50m away behind the viewing screen.


The sun had set and for a fleeting moment the roads were calm. Go. No less than 30 seconds later and we were at the base.

This was going to be a fun one. To the right- the Odeon security guard kept popping out for fag breaks. To the left- the concert was still going strong and we'd be ascending to some glorious classical music. Off we went. Half way up I had to take a breather. Not so much because I was tired but because the adrenaline was now surging through my system and I'd developed a quite unhelpful tremor. Not long after I was at the top, greeted by a rather sedate Squirrel- a stark contrast to my own state. Dempsey made his way up last, who was also pretty unfazed by the whole experience.

A moment to compose myself and I take in the surroundings - what a view!

(excuse the picture quality- aside from the fact I was shitting myself I had no tripod!)








Big thanks to Dempsey and Squirrel - what a great night it was

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