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Report - Breeze Hill School, Oldham -May 2013

Carl Walker

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Hi new member here, thought I would contribute with a few images from my old secondary school Breeze hill in Oldham. The school was founded in 1960 and was apparently built on an old tip site, rumour had it the school subsided as the years past by. Eventually the school closed in 2010 along with another school called Counthill and they merged into what is now The Waterhead academy. These I took in May but the school has since been demolished. Seemed quite strange returning to what was my old high school many years ago and it certainly brought back a few memories. To date this is my only outing but it certainly has given me the bug to start looking about for further opportunity's

Outside the main entrance.

Inside one of the science classrooms.

Another science room.

The corridor on the top floor of the main buiding.

Found what was probably a confiscated skateboard in one of the rooms.

Inside the old sports hall, played many games of 5-a side football in here.

The swimming pool, I used to go canoeing practice here on a Thursday night can hardly believe it was big enough.

The old gymnasium, bad memories from here of getting 10 lashes in here for bad behaviour.

Thanks for taking the time to look !!!


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Lisa Woods

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I just discovered the school has closed and been demolished. I was a student around 1983 I cant believe what became of it in the end. Great memories. Thank you for the pictures. Lisa Woods

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