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Report - Brentwood Blood bank And Transfusion Centre, Brentwood - Oct 2019


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Cant find much history on this place.

First opened in 1955

In 2013 NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) said that it was looking at closing Brentwood Blood Centre, to save money.

In march 2015 it closed its doors for good and relocated to the Brentwwod community hospital.

In June 2019 Fairview Homes completed the purchase of the former Brentwood Blood Centre in Essex, which has been earmarked for residential development.

The Enfield-based housebuilder snapped up the 3.7-acres site on an unconditional basis from Homes England, with a price in excess of £7million.

Fairview is now drafting proposals to build 86 new homes on the land and will begin work on the development in 2020 if plans are approved by Brentwood Borough Council.

The site currently comprises the vacant main blood centre building, associated workshops and former car park as well as approximately 0.5ha of green space and woodland, which is protected by the greenbelt.

The explore

Have visited this place a couple of time in the past and never found a way in. Working close by decided to go check it again one afternoon and finally found a way in.

Considering this has been closed for 4 years and is at the end of a residential street is no vandalism or graffiti to be found.

Found some paper work in reception dated Sept 2019 saying pre demolition asbestos survey according to that is 426 rooms throughout the building.

Half the place is set out like a hospital and the other half is a mixture of offices,labs and a cafe.

Spent 2 hours exploring on my own in and out no problems.

Plans are for a full site clearance and 3 blocks of flats to be built totaling 86 flats.

Outside the floors are covered with fresh spray paint marking all the underground services and can see core samples have been taken in places so not long left for this one i recon.

Think the locals are not happy as every house down the road has say no to the flats signs on there gardens.


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Decent this. Nice and clean. So much left behind there also. Good job, going back pays off eventually, :cool:
What a waste of resources considering our lack of hospitals this is already built, so why sell or build on it., could of been resourced as an minors unit etc. Bloody government closing more & more and not thinking of the consequences these cuts are having. ,