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Report - Brentwood Police Station & Magistrates Court February 2018


Always on a mission
Brentwood police station
some info courtesy of google
built in 1937
Kemsley announce the marketing of Brentwood Police Station for proposed residential development in December 2016. The site extends to approximately 2.75 acres and a planning application is to be submitted for 70-100 dwellings as part new build, part conversion of existing buildings.
planning permission included demolishing the main police station building
finally closed its doors in January 2018

The explore
after a tip off Billericay police station was empty we headed off to check it out this turned out to be a lie it was still in use with police cars parked outside
driving around looking for something else to explore we ended up in Brentwood
as we passed the police station we notice the main entrance was covered in harris fencing
stupidly we parked up in the parking bays directly opposite
we quickly crept in under the cover or darkness walking around the main building we spotted a small open window
the boys quickly helped post me through head first
i was in
as i opened another window to let the other in the alarm started blaring so we left
as we we getting back in the car a small police van pulled into the main entrance how did they get there so quick was less than 2 mins so was time to leave
returning at first light with the intention we was going to get caught we quickly got inside
luckily the alarm was still going off but much quieter inside the building
after an hour of walking round we was checking out a few last rooms upstairs were we heard a loud voice outside looking out the window we saw a guy sitting on the front steps rolling a fag shouting at his German Sheppard that was running round off the lead he must have been security as the whole site is fenced off we snuk out and left
was a good explore lots to see most of the custody suite features still remain and the panic strips were still live
is untouched meaning the chavs have not been in nothings trashed no youtube stickers etc
also found a large air raid shelter in the woods at the back
there is a door at the end of the cell block which leads strait into magistrates court
only down side was all the cells are flooded under 6 inches of water got drenched feet (take your wellys)

main entrance

cell windows

air raid shelter entrance

round the back

magistrates court

dont touch

flooded cell


doctors room

youth cell

custody desk

cell alarms

cell controls




paint flake

love this floor

court room

court room



panic system

main entrance
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