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Report - Breydon Water House - Norfolk March 2015


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28DL Full Member
Found this on Google Maps, Visited it (with the possible intention of buying it) sadly the owner is certainly not wanting to sell, and according to neighbors has turned down about 100 people over time.
History, None. But It appears to be two farm cottages presumably for workers who would have worked on the farm. There are some pig shes in the back garden and I have a feeling it's not been derelict for more than about 15 years. The architecture looks to be victorian.

I did however find this on the BBC website, Stating how the farm it sits on operated in 1986
" This farm is mostly arable and
most of the work is done by machines
meaning only a few men are employed. Three men
are employed throughout the year and
two extra men work on the farm during the
The farmhands usually work five days
a week unless it's peak season, They work
about 45 hours a week,
starting at 7.30 a.m.
The people we spoke to at the farm
all said they enjoyed their work."

It looks very picturesque, What you can't see is I visited this house with 70mph gusts of wind blowing across the Norfolk Broads!

Sadly, No way in. So exterior shots only who knows what secrets hide inside!





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