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Report - Bricket Wood Leisure Centre - St Albans


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First report on here so let me off if it’s a bit rough!

Had a little look through the site leading up to Christmas and found a few places that me and a friend fancied a look around, used to go to the Harperbury Hospital a lot (tried to go back to see and it was flattened ) but sort of lost interest in exploring.

Anyway got back into it recently and have a few reports to post so will throw them up on here!

This site seems to have little/no security at the minute, we didn’t see anyone apart from 2 lads and a couple of dog walkers who I don’t think were overly bothered about our presence.

I don’t know much on the history of the place but I do know it suffered a flood quite badly, when you’re in the rooms below ground level you can see where it got to.

The site was very easy to access so my hopes were low of finding anything cool, the site has had its fair share of abuse but there is still a lot to see, many rooms to look through and lots of little bits left behind.

One of the best parts of this place has to be the tank room downstairs (be very careful as I’m not sure how much chlorine is still there) as far as we could tell the tank is still full, there is also a few cool old school little bits in there that haven’t been stolen!

There are a few other buildings on site that all look empty but in very good condition, I’m unsure on what they were or are used for but the entrance road to the leisure is blocked off. These buildings are all still well sealed and I’m not going breaking into them.

Anyway I’d say this place is still worth the time to explore as it is pretty cool, I wouldn’t bother with the sports hall as there isn’t anything to see in there, unless you like massive empty halls!

Any constructive criticism welcome on the photos too!



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The other buildings were the HSBC management training centre. Place is closed down and due to be redeveloped. Looks solid on a first glance but when you look closer you can see it isn't great


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I do have a few more but wrote this from my phone which they’re not all on, will add some more tomorrow evening with a report of another place close by!


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Now leveled as new houses are been built there.
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