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With a bit of climbing under my belt, and a constant thirst for adrenaline and heights, it would seem like the natural progression (or un-natural perhaps)

I was just wondering if anyone on here had any experience of Bridge Swinging? How to go about rigging a bridge for a swing, best types of harness, rope etc?

There's a couple of bridges and similar structures near me that i've always looked at and considered swinging from, and mixed with this new hobby, i'd like to give it a go. Obviously, the things i've been looking at are small, and i don't want to go charging in to properly dangerous stuff without a bit of experience.

Any help, thoughts and advice is appreciated!

Thanks guys

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Hate to dig up an old thread but...

Ive been researching this a bit recently, after being inspired by a few videos on the 'tube.

As far as the location is concerned... you either need :
two bridges where you tie onto one, and jump off the other.
one fairly wide bridge; you tie onto one side, run the rope underneath it, and jump off the opposite side, swinging underneath it.

Obviously, the gap between the two bridges/width of the one bridge needs to be bigger than the height of the bridge off the ground, with a fair bit extra allowed for stretch, and to stop you weeing yourself :)

For kit... you just need a decent length of rope tied to you with a suitable knot... I think. A standard sit harness seems to be okay, but some people prefer a full body harness for comfort?

In answer to the obvious question of how you get down... depending on the location you can either be lowered from the top down to the floor, lifted to the top with the help of superman/a car, or if its over water, i saw a video once of someone simply unclipping, and dropping :D I suppose you could always SRT too...

Anyway I hope this helps anyone whos vaguely interested... as I said this is just information Ive gathered from having a read around, so please dont go swinging based just on this, in case theres some super mega important safety thing that I dont know about :p

Jonks :eek:


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Did a small one today, about 15 feet of rope... still really fun :D

Got back up by tying a prussik around the rope, clipping it onto my harness, and pulling hand over hand up the rope. Works fine for a small swing.

stepping lightly

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Get yourself on a cheap flight to Alicante and nail a decent one..


Tie to the old bridge , walk round to the new one crank it up nice and tight and then....


Hope that you've got it tight enough..


Have a quick look at the plaque's of the people who got it wrong as you whip through the bridge..
Not me but this youtube clip is a good e.g


Anybody :popcorn


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A truely ancient thread that has been dug up - but it does raise one important question.

Date of post: March 4th 2009

Thread started by: DHB

Total number of posts by DHB: 1

With a bit of climbing under my belt, and a constant thirst for adrenaline and heights, it would seem like the natural progression
I wonder if he is still hanging below a bridge somewhere? :rolleyes:

Pete Snell (Tree climber)

Hi you all from the big land down under I'm pro tree climber but as for bridge swinging I know very little but I'm in the market to learn. I'm looking doing a bridge swing for a blues music festival next year. My vision is to have two people swinging at the same time about 10 metres apart dressed as Eagles in a controld swing ( not crashing ) it's not that high about 22 metres over a dry river bed. I'd like to try for a figure 8 plane any body out there got any rigging ideas
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