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Hi there, new member here, just read on here that Brierley Hill R.O.C succumbed to a housing estate, this is not the case, this was still in use after the houses were built as they are at he bottom of Barrow Hill and the bunker at the top near the cross, I believe there is much more to this particular bunker than meets the eye, no evidence is left of its existence, I remember the big green fence surrounding the hatch, now it's been conveniently covered in thorn bushes 200sm2 roughly, Iv been told it was ripped from the ground by a friend that lives in the nearby estate,been told it was filled in by another, also that it was fire damaged, no one seems to know exactly, it always attracted me as a child as I remember the army going up there in there Land Rover, not the usual ROC voluntary staff, I suggest people do a little more reading on the land it's built on being a volcano and the mysteries about it being linked to death, hidden treasure and stuff, it's in the middle of a hospital and church, where majority of tunnels are found(I.e wordsley, Stourbridge tunnels) and I believe much bigger than people think, heard some very interesting stuff and rumours about this place, if anyone has a common interest in this location please get in touch.
IS this in barnsley grimethorpe ??


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Brierley hill was extensively mined as was the whole area,if there are tunnels it’s ikely old mine adits or shafts.


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I was in the process of buying a house in nearby Lower Gornal when my Solicitor advised me against it due to Tin mines found in one of the surveys.
The whole area is full of old mines and tunnels. When i was a kid there was a rumor that behind Church of Ascention primary school in Wallheath there was a massive Air raid shelter under the one of the hills on the school grounds.

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