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Report - Brigella Mills, Bradford (Sometime, 2021)

Esoteric Eric

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There had been the trickle of an extremely tasty looking derelict loom floor find its way on to social media and the OP wasn't giving up the spot, so a little detective work from one of the pictures turned up this place.

Tweek and I turned up as soon as possible and shed a tear as we saw some questionable looking demo guys dispatching lovely pieces of green & black metal from the top window in to a skip below with a disappointing clang; we were too late.

We stood back and watched for a while debating how much this motley crew could have realistically made it through in the short time since the floor appeared online, until a worker left and confirmed our fears: 'All gone'.

Undeterred I gave Tweek the gentle push required to see for ourselves and we found our way in to the other side of the mill. We covered as much as we could but it was getting dark and the remaining workmen were still chucking twisted history in to the abyss so we decided to call it a day. Typically, they left just after we did.

I returned shortly afterwards with Urban Doll to satisfy myself that the floor was definitely empty and unfortunately the sun rose on the decimated remains. The OP had gained access via the local council and sat on the pictures until he knew the loom floor was gone.

Nevertheless, this is still a good mill with plenty to see and begged the question 'How many more of these hidden floors are knocking about!?' (I think we answered one of those recently ;)).

NP for now as there is an active business on the bottom of one side and a *maybe blind* guard dog around the back.

Briggella Mill, Bradford 1.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 2.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 3.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 4.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 5.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 6.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 7.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 8.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 9.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 10.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 11.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 12.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 13.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 14.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 15.jpg

Briggella Mill, Bradford 16.jpg

Calamity Jane

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Still looks like an interesting explore, even if most of the things you wanted to photograph have gone. The machines left, the shelves with spinals on, and the space it self all look good to shoot. Film shots are fab. Well done both.:cool:


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Still a cracking report, after seeing the looms tossed out the window then a guard dog I kind of thought not worth it but clearly it was. Good effort. Must be more kicking about like this.

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