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Report - Brighton General Hospital


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Living nearby, I have recently become aware that my local horizon has changed somewhat. At the top of Elm Grove in Brighton sits a whacking great hospital complex, the central building of which is a former Work house. In the last week or so, a large orange jib has been crunching at one of the ancillary blocks, although it wasn't clear what had changed until this weekend when I got the chance of a closer look.

One whole block has gone and on closer inspection, quite a lot of the rear of the site (the Pankhurst Avenue side) is empty. There are a couple of boarded up windows on and around the ground floor of another block, so it is possibly already on the Urbex radar.

I was able to walk onsite unchallenged with a mate and hope to be able to get some external piccies soon.

Just wondered if anyone else has had a butchers? It looks good.

History - (scroll down to Elm Grove Workhouse)

As an afterthought, there are plans to redevelop nearby Royal Sussex County and amalgamate all faculties on the one site, so it looks like a wholesale move and redevelopment or demol are on the cards. I'll keep an eye on it and keep you posted :popcorn

Coupla details:

On a map the southern most 3rd of the site has now gone as far as I can see. Not able to look for tunnels or foundations thus far :banghead

Bear in mind that the majority of the front of the site (Elm Grove side) is live and very much still in use, but then again if there's people flitting in and out all day, you won't look out of place and if anyone asks, you're lost...
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