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Lead or Rumour info - Brincliffe Towers Nursing Home, Sheffield


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This place has been empty for around 2 years apparently and is an old Victorian home set in Chelsea Park, Sheffield that was once owned by the council but transfered to private ownership. I cannot find any info on it anywhere and it is spookily abandoned. I'd be interested to see if anyone has any further info on this place or has visited it.


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has to be said that on the whole care homes are the dullest, most depressing, explores out there - but who knows, this could be the one that is a little gem. Best thing is to go explore - and if it is any good then stick a report up. :thumb


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Yeah with the exception of one or two care homes are properly depressing oppressive dull places. But you never know, the best thing to do is go find out.


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the care home went into liquidation. the owners have another care home so they take things from there to replace things in the bigger one still in use. there is no seccy there and would be quite easy to get into. but the owners send their family friends there to fetch and bring. you dont want to be caught by these people, they take care of things in their own hands. please be carefull if you decide to go. if their other home shuts down that would make an excellent explore as it has underground as well (i know this place very well)that has been bodge job blocked up. i heard lots of very interesting stories of whats down there. but that maybe a while yet.