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Report - Brindle Service Reservoir, Chorley - Jan 2014


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After looking for this one for a while it popped up in here so I have to say thanks to Will for the location, like a dick I was looking half a mile up the road for the site.

The reservoir was constructed to hold about 250,000 gallons and was probably built around the late 1800’s to provide storage for clean water for the local area. It is the oldest and maybe the last surviving example of brick vaulted reservoir construction in this Lancashire area.
I was passing and decided to pop in under the cover of darkness, to say it's close to the nearby house would be an understatement so I headed over in the dark and almost slipped on my arse more than once but it was worth it :D

I did have a new tripod after Hyde Falls ate my manfroto one but the new one snapped the day I got it so these are handheld or with the camera placed on the floor