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Report - - Brinksway Air Raid Shelter, Stockport 28/02/09 | Underground Sites |

Report - Brinksway Air Raid Shelter, Stockport 28/02/09

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I should have danced all night
28DL Full Member
Visited with Suzanne Vega and a bottle of fizzy pop.

I took a trip down here after going to St. Thomas' the other day. Scott gave me pretty clear instructions where it was and I didn't get lost for once which was just great. I parked up in some god awful pay and display car park and managed to rile every other motorist by going the wrong way round the one-way system. You know how they start yelling out their windows telling you that you're going the wrong way as if you didn't already know :crazy I didn't have any change for the car park either so then ensued an argument with some milk-bottle bespectacled jobsworth that went a bit like this:

Rookinella: Oh hello there kind sir, I only have a debit card so I need to pop to a cash point to withdraw some lady godivas

Jobsworth: You can't leave your car here

Rookinella:'s a car park?

Jobsworth: You cannot leave your car unattended.

Rookinella: That doesn't even make any sense.

Jobsworth: Not my problem, company policy.

Rookinella: I'm sure it's company pollicy but you're not making any sense. How am I supposed to pay for a ticket if I can't leave my car? I can't exactly do a drive by on the bank!!!

Jobsworth: *waffle waffle waffle gobshite*

Well in the end, I DID leave my car unattended AND I managed to go and buy lunch in the time it had taken him to waddle the 100 metres to the other side of the car park.

Apart from that anecdote, I don't have anything else to say about the shelter except that it was very big and the air is very bad in there hence why there's not that many photos because I kept getting dizzy.

Here's the photos.


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