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Information - Bristol Summer Meet - 25th July


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It's about that time of year when we get a date set for a little summer piss up I'd say.

25th July 2015

Usual place - Commercial Rooms on Corn Street (click link for deets)

Aim to meet there around 7pm, but obviously this is not a strict time that needs sticking to!

Be good to see as many people there as possible - last years summer one was a damn good day.



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Anyone got some floor space in exchange for drink tokens :D
I'm not around Ojay otherwise you would be welcome to crash at mine. In the area (other than Tumbles who gets excluded on baby grounds) I think I'm the only one with my own place. Maybe Callum if he's going but not sure.

I can suggest nice derp maybe for you?
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Bertie Bollockbrains

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Unfortunately both myself and Bertrina have entered a 100km ultramarathon race for that day. Starting at 6 in the morning, I'm targeting myself to do it in 20-24hrs. Bertrina about 24-26 hours. Last year the winner did it in 9 hours.

If by some miracle between now and July I morph into an Olympic athlete and I can get this run done by the evening of that day then you will be seeing me in Bristol. The probability of that is very slight.


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Come and drink beer and get into mischief with us instead you know you want to :p

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