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Question - Bristol (Surrounding Area) UK Request for Locations and Info


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Hey there folks, basically I am looking for an experienced local who can give me a couple of tips about a few locations around here.
I've been in some cool places underground, but I don't know my way around here.

I'm interested in the area around the suspension bridge, I have found a couple of very interesting looking places, but I am not aware of the situation with security or hazards, or if they are being used at the moment by anyone. You probably know the place I am talking about if you have been there? Access near the road/river. Just a small gate, I haven't gone much deeper. I know the area relatively well there, but I need to ask someone who has been inside. Also, I am sure there are more spots to find around there, I would be very happy to learn about. I have found a couple of entrance type locations to some smaller places?

I saw a large facility. kind of 'near' the airport area/Nailsea. Fuel depot. Haven't been inside, only seen from cycle route. Looks huge. Would greatly appreciate info. Have seen a thread on here about it too after just doing a search.

Also I would love to know about any other places here, my primary interest is photography so especially any places which have good remaining interiors or natural places that are beautiful.

Hopefully someone is bored for five minutes and feels like slipping me a couple locations!
(Private message is preferred).


Welcome along, I'm sure one of the Brizzle lads will be in touch to enlighten you, prob best some stuff if sensitive isn't shared on an intro thread though ;)


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Welcome to the forum :thumb

Bristol lad here. I cycle past that exact fuel depot a good few times a week funnily enough.. it's derelict but the farmer does use the land for his sheep to graze.

Perhaps you'd want to meet for a pint or something and can explain what you've found in more detail? Let me know.

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Know it very well. Old Government facility, built during the cold war and closed in the 1990s. It's currently being used by a farmer but it's super easy to access for some photos!

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