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Report - britannia bridge, bangor north wales, NOV 2010


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Now i got my first dslr camera today, from a fellow member on here so i wasted no time in getting out and trying to get to grips with it. Ive been on this site for a while and have been pretty suprised that this hasnt been covered before so thought i would give it a go :)

a bit of background on the bridge,

construction of the bridge begun in 1846 and was completed and opened by 5 March 1850. it was first used as a railway bridge linking anglesey to the mainland. It was constructed of large wrought iron tubular sections that were assembled on shore then floated out and hoisted into place using jacks.
In 1970 the bridge cought fire due to kids playing inside and dropping a burning torch, the damage to the bridge was severe and it spread from the mainland side all the way over to the anglesey side, there was little emergency services could do due to the height of the bridge so the fire was left to burn out,
By 1972 the bridge had been reconstructed and redesigned and was opened once again to rail traffic, this time instead of having 2 rail lines only 1 was in place an there were no wrought iron tunnels.
By 1980 a upper section to the bridge was opened which carried the
A55 single carridgeway.

now for the pics :D



these are the guardians of the bridge, there are two of these statues at either side of the bridge, you cant see these from A55


This is the mid level of the bridge under the A55, just have to keep an eye out for passing trains as i dont know how happy they would be seeing people here.


looking from the middle of the bridge to the anglesey side


this is the lower secion of the bridge where there is a service walkway, views from here are ace and hopefully the pics will do them some type of justice.







some people training in the menai straights, they were throwing in a dummy body and later saving it

view over to the other side of the bridge

now i know this is my first report and i hope it hasnt been to dissapointing, But i have just realised ive made a epic mistake, now i didnt get any pictures of the whole bridge structure Oops :wanker

so heres one courtesey of- 780 × 585 - 290k - jpg - www.walesdirectory.co.uk/images-towns/Menai_B...


anyway i will get back to the bridge and replace this with a pic of my own asap.

dont be too harsh :p and any advice is greatley appreciated, about the write up and the pictures
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