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Report - British Sugar, Ipswich, Suffolk - May 2016


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British Sugar, Ipswich, Suffolk, England - May 2016

After a rest stop, Mookster and myself drove to the first location of the second day of our May 2016 South East Road Trip.

This one was interesting, it comprised of just these surprisingly photogenic Sugar Silos which smelt of sweet decaying glucose throughout. Some nice light and pillars inside. The factory is long gone sadly.

The British Sugar plant located in Ipswich, was one of the rash of beet producing plants to be built after the First World War. This was encouraged by the 1925 Sugar Industry (Subsidy) Act.

The plant was built in 1924-25 by the Anglo-Dutch Sugar Company on a 100-acre site. The main contracting firm were Hal Williams and Co.

Most of the original machinery was second-hand; dismantled from a factory in Holland and shipped to Felixstowe docks.

The Anglo-Dutch group was the largest of five which built factories in the 1920s; the Company also had factories in Cantley in Norfolkshire, Kelham in Nottinghamshire, Ely in Cambridgeshire and King's Lynn in Cambridgeshire.

At the start, the management was Dutch, but in 1936 the British Sugar Corporation was formed, and this and other factories were absorbed.

The site closed in 2001 and has been slowly demolished ever since. Some augers and other connections to the main factory are still visible on the silos.












Thanks for looking guys!

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
There are ladders, I was thinking about it but we had to get on to other sites. Thanks though mate :-)
It was quite the challenge getting got the bottom of the ladder but definitely worth the effort once I got to the top.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Just out of interest, is there anyway to get to the top without climbing the ladders? i.e inside.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Just out of interest, is there anyway to get to the top without climbing the ladders? i.e inside.
My mate and I managed to retrieve an old fire hydrant blue print of the factory from one of our explores back in 2009, which claimed there is a stair case which leads to the silo walkway in the main lift shaft tower. I also spoke with BSC employees who confirm this is the case in other BSC factories. Anyway, back in 2011 we managed to get inside the shaft tower, but we couldn't find the staircase as our tourch was too dim to properly look around inside.

It must be possible because rumour has it someone "lived" in the enclosed walkway above the silos. One of the last private security guards back in 2011 said (after he caught us) he would often have to go up and block the door leading from the walkway to the silos shut, only for it to be open the following day. He never caught the culprit but he said the walkway looked well lived in. Either way, he never went into the shaft without his German Shepherd...

Any update would be great!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
There was a site just like this in Kiddie, SilverSpoon I think? I wanted to look around, but It was being demolished as I arrived.:turd


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Went passed the other day, looked up and half of it was missing. Shame but it was bound to happen soon

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