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Report - - Broadford Works Tower, Aberdeen - 15/2/8 | High Stuff |

Report - Broadford Works Tower, Aberdeen - 15/2/8

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28DL Full Member

When I got a phonecall thursday evening enquiring that since it was a nice evening, did I fancy heading off for a wee climb, who was I to argue?

This one had been a while in the planning. The Broadford tower stands high amongst the mills of Broadford, visible between the buildings of George street, and easily seen from miles around the area. Myself and MrFish had been in to Broadford before with the aim of attempting it, but foiled by the weather - wind on the ground is amplified when hanging off a ladder perched on the side of a great concrete tower, and isn't the most reassuring experience for fairly novice climbers. Today we finally got the timing right with a lovely calm night, with only a nice breeze as we climbed up high.

I must say the views from up top are wonderful, out over Aberdeen lit up by streetlights at night. The view from the rooftops of the nearby mill are fantastic (and much safer) but you only really realise how much higher the tower is compared to the roofs from up top looking down to the rest of Broadford.

The topmost section of the ladder is also quite an experience, for the main bit of the climb you are on a normal caged ladder facing the wall, split into three with a wee landing to stop at each changeover. When you get to the top though, there are two larger landings, one at the top of the ladder, and then above that one with access into the wee room at the top (which we kept out of based on not disturbing all the bird roosting inside). The only thing is the 10 foot ladder between them faces outwards, so while it is only a wee climb, you are facing out into nothing with only some metal rungs onfront of you for support. Maybe nothing for some of you lot used to climbing silly things, but for me definately a new experience. I still can't figure out whether I loved the experience, or hated it...

Some pictures from the climb...



Looking over towards Pittodrie stadium, home of Aberdeen FC. It was still lit up from a game slightly earlier in the evening against Bayern Munich, a two all draw if anyone is interested :)
The strip of lights to the top left of the stadium is a ship sitting out at sea, waiting for the tides to get into Aberdeen Harbour.


Looking down to the rest of Broadford, the white roof at the bottom of the picture is the rooftop of the highest of the mills, the raised central section just out of shot where we had been before to get some photos.





Looking over to the brick tower


From the first landing on the climb up, looking over to the corner of the Red Brick mill, it is where you get here and realise you are only 1/3 of the way up, and almost level with the rooftops already...


From the bottom looking up the tower and across to the red mill from the bottom of the tower.



A fantastic experience, sitting up top I was at the same time completely amazed at how nice it was to be up there - the feeling of being up high looking down on everyone and getting to see the view, and also feeling my legs physically shaking at the thought of where we were.
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